Kevin and Liza

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Our Story

The story of how Kevin and I met began when my Maid of Honor Anastasiia and I decided to try something new and do something we've never done before. It was a Saturday night in April 2011, when Anastasiia and I decided to check out an event in the local Washington, DC electronic music scene. We almost didn't make it there, as various obstacles with logistics, transportation and tickets came up, but the stars aligned and we walked through the door towards the end of the event.

Anastassiia and I hit the dance floor and almost immediately noticed two handsome men walking right towards us. It was Kevin and one of his friends. Kevin used a silly pick up line - something about Russian girls and heels and the rest is history.

Over the course of a couple of months Kevin and I went on several dates, bonded over our love for hockey and funky electronic music beats and couldn't believe that it took us so long to meet, as we already had so many friends in common.

After 8 wonderful years of love, adventure and growth I can't wait to marry the the coolest, most generous and handsome man, the love of my life - Kevin Michaliga.


Yolanda Mariak Chendak