Kevin and Liza

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Our Story

How we met:

It was a Saturday night in April 2011, when Anastasiia (Maid of Honor) and I decided to try something new and check out an event in the local Washington, DC underground electronic music scene. We almost didn't make it there, as various obstacles with logistics, transportation and tickets came up, but the stars aligned and we walked through the door towards the end of the event.

Anastassiia and I hit the dance floor and almost immediately noticed two handsome men walking right towards us - it was Kevin and one of his friends. Kevin used a silly pick up line - something about Russian girls and heels and I was immediately smitten and intrigued by his confidence, sense of humor and quirky personality. Over the next few months Kevin and I went on several dates and bonded over our love for hockey, the Washington Capitals and funky electronic music beats. We couldn't believe that it took us this long to meet, as we already had so many of the same people in our circles of friends.

After 8 wonderful years of joy, tears, adventure and growing together, I can't wait to marry the love of my life- Kevin Michaliga.

-Liza Kuznetsova

The Proposal:

After dating for over 6 years, there were few steps remaining to progress our relationship. I decided on our 7th anniversary of dating, I would ask Liza to marry me. This was an undertaking I could not undergo alone. For the ring I enlisted the help of my father, Tom, and his partner Judy. Together, we put together a ring that reflected my love for Liza. It its modern, yet timeless. Any woman would have difficulty refusing this ring, but for my Liza, it would be impossible.

I consider myself somewhat of a traditionalist, so I would need to ask permission from the father of the bride. I picked up a bottle of cognac and headed over to his house. I was very nervous; we aren't very good at communicating. His English at the time was limited, and my Russian was non-existent. But these moments transcend language barriers. After I arrived we sat at the table, and I poured two glasses. It was a very blunt request. "Andrey Aleksandrovich, I would like to marry your daughter," I said. He was taken aback, while her mother, Olga, almost burst into tears. After a short deliberation, he responded with a simple, "Yes, Its okay." We hugged and shook hands, we had understood each other. That moment required an amount of courage, but as I would come to find out, there were more of those moments to come.

The next stage of planning was to create the special moment in secrecy. I was too large of an undertaking to plan myself. I was assisted by Roman and Raymond, my best man and groomsman. We chose La DeSales, a fabulous French restaurant in downtown DC. We had many visits speaking with staff, and many tastings of wine to finalize a plan to capture that experience. Invitations were sent to family and friends, whom vowed their secrecy. During our dinner date, there was much going on behind the scenes. Down the street, Roman and Raymond had gathered everyone at another restaurant. Our friend Tigran, who generously offered to photograph the moment, was hiding in the kitchen at ours. I may have hinted at something was different about this dinner when I picked out a bottle of Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape. I am not normally the one who orders the wine. The dinner was excellent, and when it came time for dessert, I sent the signal. Everyone who knew their part acted accordingly, except for me. The server brought a silver platter with a small box. I got on one knee, opened it and froze. I was choked up and overwhelmed with emotion. I could barely form words. I had to dig deep to get the words out. "Liza, will you marry me?" Her hands covered most her face, tears rolling down her eyes. She was in the same shock that I was just in. She managed let out a faint squeak, and shook her head up and down. I knew what it meant. It was yes. And we had everyone there to witness.

-Kevin Michaliga

Alethea and Ruth