Our I-Do Crew

Anastasiia Polyakov

Maid of Honor

When Anastasiia and Liza met, they immediately bonded over their desire and love for adventure and quickly became inseperable. Since then, they've lived together as roommates, taken countless trips, discovered a mutual love for wine and deep conversations and became true partners in crime. Anastasiia was there when Kevin and Liza first met and even played a role in setting them up on a "first date". We love Anastasiia for her kind heart, her curious mind, fearlessness and her ability to create a "mean spreadsheet" when organizing travel plans.

Katia Kuznetsova


Katia is Liza's younger sister and has been there and shared some of the biggest milestones of Liza's life. From spending their childhood in Khabarovsk, Russia to moving to the United States, to the ups and downs of growing up and establishing their lives here in Maryland, Katia has been there through it all. Through the years, Katia has not only become Liza's sister, but also a roommate and a great friend. We love Katia for her ability to challenge and bring the best out in others and her gentle spirit.

Maria Lora


Back in 2007 Maria (Masha) moved to Maryland from Voronezh, Russia and needed a place to live. Fate brought Liza and Masha together when Liza's parents decided to rent out a room in their home and Masha quickly moved in. Immediately, Masha and Liza found a familiar soul in each other and became not just close friends, but family. Besides being a kick-ass hair stylist and artist, Masha is a fur mom to kitty Harper, amazing cook and is also a bride planning her own wedding. We love Masha for her generous, caring and nurturing spirit and decisive character.

Elena Walker


Elena (Lena) is one of the most free spirited and geniuine people you will ever meet. Liza and Lena have known each other their entire lives, as their parents have been best friends since their middle school days in Khabarovsk, Russia. Liza and Lena share their love for the outdoors and grew up taking hiking and white water rafting trips through the beautiful wilderness of Russia with their friends and families. Although they are not blood related, Liza and Lena still consider themselves sisters and family. Lena is a mom to the most beautiful baby boy Anatoliy and is loved for her creative energy, friendly and easy going personality and youthful spirit.

Polina Protsenko


Polina, her mom Alla and sister Anna are three of the strongest women and creative minds you will ever meet. Alla and Liza's mom Olga met when Katia and Polina struck up a friendship in first grade. Ever since then the Protsenko and Kuznetsov families have supported each other through the best and worst times in life. Liza has always considered Polina to be more than just Katia's friend, but a sister and part of the family. Polina is a brilliant artist and a beautiful soul and human. We love her for always standing up for what's right and her remarkable imagination and kindness.

Roman Osadchuk

Best Man

Born with a 16 inch penis, Roman has had difficulties finding his own true love. A specialist in everything superficial, he has the experience to know what a real loving relationship should entail. Solely because that is everything his relationships are not. Hailing from Moldova, which he will vehemently deny when questioned, Roman has detatched from his gypsy upbringing and settled in Rockville, MD. He drinks sparkling wine until violently intoxicated, and passes out on the nearest piece of furniture. Many of Roman's shortcomings can be explained on the fact he is a cat person. Always a groomsman, never a groom.

Raymond Vasmout


Raymons is truly a one dimension character. Born in the former Soviet Union, he preaches the word of Marx and the paradise that is Communism. With a sexual diet consisting exclusively of eating ass, Raymond has developed the body of a Grecian god. He exudes a plethora of bad vibes, and brings down the mood in any room that he enters. Raymond abandoned us to live out his dream of being featured in a newspaper article with a headline beginning with "Florida Man." He now resides in Orlando.

Alex Polyakov


Alex is a simple man. He knows what he likes and that's that. Very closed minded and hasn't ventured further than a 10 mile radius from his home in Arlington, VA. He has developed a mastery of disorganization. With the help of his wife Anastasiia, the maid of honor, only then can he complete the simplest of tasks. After many unsuccessful attempts, they have abandoned the act of coitus altogether. Despite being a professional photographer, he couldn't picture himself out of a paper bag.

Jonathan Rothbard


Jonathan has been skating by his whole life. After graduating Towson with the honor of whatever the opposite of valedictorian is, Jon has consistently struggled to hold a job. Living in his mother's basement since birth, he has been exceeding expectation as a constant disappointment. Never one to see a project to completion, every woman he has met was left unsatisfied. If not in his mother's basement in Rockville, MD, you can catch his driving to the nearest unemployment office in a Prius. They are slow and quiet vehicles.

Justin Michaliga


Justin is the older brother and only sibling of the groom. Out of the two, he is not th favorite. A veritable caveman stuck in the Stone age. Despite being an early millennial, Justin has yet to come into contact with a computer. The sound of a mechanical keyboard alone is enough to throw him into a blind, confused rage. The world's biggest Pittsburgh Penguins fan, he is drowning his sorrows from a first round playoff sweep with any available hooker from East Village. Him and his roommate, Camden, can be found in bed before 8pm in a refrigerator box somewhere in New York City.
Yolanda Mariak Chendak