Our I-Do Crew

Anastasiia Polyakov

Maid of Honor

When Anastasiia and Liza met, they immediately bonded over their desire and love for adventure and quickly became inseperable. Since then, they've lived together as roommates, taken countless trips, discovered a mutual love for wine and deep conversations and became true partners in crime. Anastasiia was there when Kevin and Liza first met and even played a role in setting them up on a "first date". We love Anastasiia for her kind heart, her curious mind, fearlessness and her ability to create a "mean spreadsheet" when organizing travel plans.

Katia Kuznetsova


Katia is Liza's younger sister and has been there and shared some of the biggest milestones of Liza's life. From spending their childhood in Khabarovsk, Russia to moving to the United States, to the ups and downs of growing up and establishing their lives here in Maryland, Katia has been there through it all. Through the years, Katia has not only become Liza's sister, but also a roommate and a great friend. We love Katia for her ability to challenge and bring the best out in others and her gentle spirit.

Maria Lora


Back in 2007 Maria (Masha) moved to Maryland from Voronezh, Russia and needed a place to live. Fate brought Liza and Masha together when Liza's parents decided to rent out a room in their home and Masha quickly moved in. Immediately, Masha and Liza found a familiar soul in each other and became not just close friends, but family. Besides being a kick-ass hair stylist and artist, Masha is a fur mom to kitty Harper, amazing cook and is also a bride planning her own wedding. We love Masha for her generous, caring and nurturing spirit and decisive character.

Elena Walker


Elena (Lena) is one of the most free spirited and geniuine people you will ever meet. Liza and Lena have known each other their entire lives, as their parents have been best friends since their middle school days in Khabarovsk, Russia. Liza and Lena share their love for the outdoors and grew up taking hiking and white water rafting trips through the beautiful wilderness of Russia with their friends and families. Although they are not blood related, Liza and Lena still consider themselves sisters and family. Lena is a mom to the most beautiful baby boy Anatoliy and is loved for her creative energy, friendly and easy going personality and youthful spirit.

Polina Protsenko


Polina, her mom Alla and sister Anna are three of the strongest women and creative minds you will ever meet. Alla and Liza's mom Olga met when Katia and Polina struck up a friendship in first grade. Ever since then the Protsenko and Kuznetsov families have supported each other through the best and worst times in life. Liza has always considered Polina to be more than just Katia's friend, but a sister and part of the family. Polina is a brilliant artist and a beautiful soul and human. We love her for always standing up for what's right and her remarkable imagination and kindness.

Roman Osadchuk

Best Man

Roman and Kevin met in the summer of 2009 and almost immediately connected on a higher plane. Their friendship blossomed when they became roommates the following year. Roman and Kevin have a rich history of adventure and experience. Roman values the flavor of life, and is always in search of new foods, experiences, and other ways to embrace it. A man of culture, he encourages those around him to get out and partake in all the world has to offer.

He has played a crucial role in Liza and Kevin's relationship. Since the beginning, Roman has been not just a motivator for Kevin to take sometimes uncomforable but necessary steps to further his love and commitment to Liza. Along the way Roman and Liza have developed a longlasting and everloving friendship. Without his help and guidance, Kevin's vision for the proposal to Liza would not have been possible. Roman is always someone others can rely upon when in dire need and has never refused to step up to the plate when called upon.

Raymond Vasmout


Raymond was originally introduced to us by the best man Roman. Since that moment, Raymond has always been a consistent source of positivity and encouragement. Raymond and Kevin share a passion for music and a love of DJing. They are constantly learning new techniques and sharing new music with each other. Along with Roman, Raymond played a crucial role in developing the perfect day for Kevin's proposal to Liza. He recently moved to Florida to pursue his own passions, but by staying in near constant communication, makes us feel as if he had never left.

Raymond always brings brightness into any situation. He is unquestionably the first person to contact when you are in dire need of kind words to see yourself out of a bad situation. Throughout Liza and Kevin's relationship, he's been nothing but a positive influence. His upbeat and loving personality translates into conversation so warm, it could almost be worn as a coat on a cold day. Truly a Ray of light.

Alex Polyakov


Alex was introduced to Kevin from the very beginning of his relationship with Liza. Liza has a long history of friendship with Alex, leading to Kevin and Alex naturally becoming close friends over the years. They share the same sense of dry humor, and constantly tell jokes that noone else around appreciates but the two. Alex's love for animals and his dog Buddha, have been a pool of knowledge to draw from when raising Kevin and Liza's dog, Ares. Alex has a passion for travel and a dedication to his craft of photography, enabling him to capture some of the most valueable moments in Liza and Kevin's life.

Married to Anastasiia, Liza's maid of honor, Alex has been a source of advice for life's biggest challenges. For a period of almost 3 years, Alex lived together with Liza, Kevin, and Anastasiia. They all grew together as individuals and dedicated spouses. Parallels can be drawn from each relationship, and anything they can do to improve or learn from each other is offered without question. Even though no longer living together, Alex and Anastasiia rarely pass up an oppurtunity to get together and continue growing.

Jonathan Rothbard


When Jon and Kevin first met, there was a sort of unspoken rivalry. Fresh out of high school and in the early college years, they were vying to set their legacy in stone. Quickly, it became apparent that working together sometimes gets you further in life. Upon request, Jon inducted Kevin into his car club and automobiles became a shared passion between the two. This opened the doors to many new friends, and is largely repsonible for Kevin's relocation to Montgomery County, MD. A door that led to many wonderful life events, specifically the chance for Kevin to meet Liza.

Jon has always been a person with a work hard and play hard mentality, which has paid dividends in his life. For a few years, after he purchased his first home, Jon invited Kevin to move in with him and was nothing but welcoming to Liza's presence that came with the arrangement. Jon's work ethic in all aspects of life rubbed off on Kevin, and guided him to push further than he otherwise would do alone. Not just in a career, but in building relationships, and taking care of yourself. Jon and Kevin have built many amazing things throughout the years, but none as strong as the bonds they hold together.

Justin Michaliga


Justin has been around all of Kevin's life. Whether he liked it or not, he was forced into the role of big brother. The best thing you could hope for from a big brother is a role model; someone to look up to. Justin handled the responsibility with flying colors. Being just a short 3 years ahead when growing up, Justin has always set a precedent that Kevin strove to achieve. Disagreeable at times, like any good siblings, never a grudge was held between the two. Justin has always been a student of life and unafraid to share his wisdom with anyone who seeks it.

After his college years, Justin relocated to Baltimore. Thus begun the inevitable split of paths between him and Kevin. Further along, he moved to New York City, in which he has resided for a few years now. As soon as Kevin and Liza's relationship began, Justin was one of the first to hear of the news and the excitement was mutual. Throughout the years, whether Kevin and Liza make a trip to New York, or Justin returns home, the feeling of belonging is still there. Whenever they get together, it is apparent that regardless of how long they have been apart, Justin and Kevin are cut from the same cloth. They are more similar to each other than they have ever been, and Kevin still has a role model to look up to.
Alethea and Ruth